Nov 1, 2009

Who's still a Georgia fan?

I am.

It's sad to say that I'm getting used to losing lately, maybe because I try to be realistic and look at this as a "down year." I know, many are saying that our program is headed downhill and there are fears that this is the beginning of some type of Bulldog Apocalypse, but I'll wait and see what happens in the future.

I really wanted to just make this a positive post to help some of you out who are contemplating giving up football fandom altogether, but I can't. So I'll keep it short. The loss wasn't a big shock to me, and I honestly could have seen it being a lot worse. I wasn't heartbroken that our team was embarrassed (again) by the #1 Florida Gators. It happens. It's a game, and someone always has to lose.

But what does bother me is dirty stuff on the field going unnoticed and unpunished. Players on both teams did a lot of it, and it sickens me to see refs watching from a few feet away and doing nothing. If anything, aren't the little yellow flags there to at least be a slap on the wrist? Can we at least get that little penalty to see that yes, the SEC and SEC officiating actually care about the well-being of these student athletes and will not tolerate intentional injuring of other players? Yes, football is a tough game where you aim to hit others, but there is a fine line between playing a game and having some serious, violent psychological issues.

I'm ashamed of the SEC, the officials, the coaches, and the TV commentators who (from what I understand) didn't even acknowledge a lot of these foul actions during (or after) the game. All of these people are responsible for doing nothing to stop those big, violent idiots from doing things on the football field that they would be arrested for if not in uniform. And of course the most to blame are the players themselves who did these things. In the last two "Cocktail Parties" there's been a feeling of "wild west" mentality, as if the refs and everyone will let anything go, no matter how dirty. I'm not sure why things have become like this in a historic rivalry, but I have yet to hear anyone come out and say it.

This is the worst instance I could find. If you find any other videos/photos to show similar actions by players on EITHER team, post links in the comments.

We shouldn't let this type of stuff keep happening with no reprimand.


  1. Who's responsible for the uniforms we wore. Those were embarrassing. I don't just mean who ordered them. I mean who designed them, who liked them, and who let them be worn?

    Looked like a bad XFL team.

  2. The problem wasn't the uniforms. If you are upset at the uniforms, you are focused on the wrong thing.

    I am still a Georgia fan, Noops. I'd quit college football before I'd pick another team.

  3. I'm still a Georgia fan, but my emotional investment in this year's team is at an end. Until Willie's gone, I'm over paying attention.