Nov 24, 2009

New Bowl Hopes

Ok, so finally everyone was agreeing that we had a chance to get to the Chick-Fil-A, or even Outback, and then we had to go and lose to Kentucky in bed-wetting fashion.

So what's the deal now?

People have completely lost it with Georgia now, and most are crying and expecting an Independence or even Papa John's bowl to end the season. I don't know if they're aware that this would mean UGA would have to finish 9th or 10th in the entire SEC, which honestly seems impossible at this point (thankfully).

Here's how things are shaping up. Georgia will very likely end up 3rd in the SEC East behind either Tennessee or Kentucky, depending on who wins their game. There is a possibility for Georgia to finish 2nd in the East, but only if we beat Tech and Tennessee wins. 3 teams in the West will surely finish ahead of Georgia, and the rest are questionable.

So for certain, we know that we could at BEST finish 5th in the SEC (Outback Bowl). Seriously. It's possible still, but only with a Tech win and everything else going our way, and the bowl committees choosing us over others (very unlikely). Technically, if Arkansas beats LSU and Auburn beats Alabama, we would end up 8th in the SEC (Liberty Bowl).

If you think about it, a Music City or even Chick-Fil-A are still possibilities. It really all depends on what UGA does at Tech next Saturday, and what happens with a few other teams.

In summary, we WANT Tennessee to beat Kentucky, LSU to beat Arkansas, and Alabama to beat Auburn. We also want South Carolina to lose to Clemson, just to make sure they're knocked out. If everything goes our way, we have a shot at the Chick-Fil-A still. Don't expect it, but we can surely hope for it.

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