Nov 24, 2009

Quick (and late) thoughts after UK

First, some quick thoughts on the game (which I'm sure most of you are trying to get past at this point). My last post is pretty ominous to look at now, isn't it? Although I knew that Kentucky could beat us, I didn't think that they would. Neither did most when we were up 14 points at halftime. Once again, Georgia football is the gift that keeps on giving (to opposing teams). And the biggest giver (other than all of the coaches combined) would have to be Joe Cox. A very generous guy.

Yes, our defense has been very, very bad this year, and most Dawg fans are waiting (im)patiently for Martinez to hit the road. But Saturday's game was actually much more similar to the first few games of this terrible season, where the defense really played "alright," but the offense and special teams wouldn't stop turning the ball over or killing us with field position. 2 turnovers led directly to 14 UK points, and the other 2 basically put a stop to our chance of scoring and tying the game. And the defense did hold strong at the end of the game, where we had plenty of chances, but fumbled them away.

Quick thoughts that have probably been discussed by everyone too much already:

- Fumble on the goal line: Why a toss there? I know coaches have said that it's our "bread and butter play" strangely enough, but isn't a toss on the goal line dangerous in such an important situation? My first thought was: Cox's fault. But now the coaches are blaming it all on the freshman Ealey (of course). Either way, why toss the ball backwards when you just need to surge forward a couple of feet for the TD? The saddest part was that we were only on 3rd down and had 2 chances to push it in, before the toss.

- Cox's first interception: Perhaps the worst pick I've ever seen. It looked like when he got under pressure, he was so scared that he just dumped the ball off to the UK linebacker, almost like he thought he was a fellow teammate who could catch a screen pass. It was almost comical during the game.

- Cox's second interception: In Sanford Stadium, we almost couldn't believe that we still had a chance. The game seemed over after that fumble at the goal line, but our defense stepped up, we actually had plenty of time left on the clock, and we had a great chance to go down and tie the game. The stadium suddenly was back in it and ready to win. And then, on the very first play, a poorly thrown pass. It was almost perfectly bad, and laughable.

Certainly the worst ending to a game I've seen at Sanford Stadium.

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