Nov 18, 2009

In other news: Kentucky could beat us

It seems much of the Bulldog Nation (including myself) were looking at the Auburn game as extremely important. We thought, "Hey, if we beat Auburn, then we'll beat Kentucky, and have a good shot to beat Tech after Thanksgiving. What a great way to end the season!" Then, we did beat Auburn, and people are thinking, "Now we have our easy game against Kentucky before we go to Atlanta." I was thinking the same way - until Monday, when I looked up the Wildcats to see how they've been doing this year.

In case you didn't know, Kentucky has the same record as Georgia at the moment (6-4). And guess what? The games they lost were, for the most part, very respectable. Yes, they did get blasted 41-7 by Florida (UF's biggest win over an SEC opponent this season), but Georgia didn't have the best game against the Gators either. Then, UK put up a respectable fight against Alabama, a game which they lost 38-20. No other SEC team has put up 20 points against Bama this year (LSU managed to score 15). At South Carolina, the Wildcats lost a nailbiter 28-26, which isn't bad, considering Georgia pulled out a close one against the Gamecocks in our 2nd game this season at home. Finally, Kentucky lost another close one to Mississippi State, 31-24, and we all know that the Cowbell Bulldogs have stayed in games with LSU and Florida. Oh, and by the way, Kentucky beat Auburn, at Auburn, by the same margin we did.

Then, you look at the stats. Kentucky is actually ranked ahead of Georgia in numerous categories. They're 9th in total offense in the SEC (Georgia is 10th), 5th in rushing offense (UGA is 11th), 4th in pass defense (Georgia is 11th), and their kick returner Derrick Locke is currently the best in the SEC.

So when you look at it, Kentucky is a real threat to the Bulldogs on Senior Day. They aren't like Vanderbilt this year, and they certainly aren't a guaranteed win for UGA. We need this win to get to a good bowl game. Win, and the Chick-Fil-A, maybe Outback, can be ours. Lose, and we're looking at a possibly dismal 6-6 season with a trip to one of those undesired bowls.

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  1. Wouldn't read too much into the Bama game. They were getting blasted and scored late.