Nov 16, 2009

No need to change my bowl predictions

Because they're still the same. I predicted every SEC game remaining, each team's final record, and which bowl they'd end up in 2 weeks ago, and so far, everything has been spot on. Of course, no one knows exactly which bowls will choose which teams, but we have a pretty good idea. Nice to see most Georgia fans and blogs suddenly changing their predictions for us from Music City, Independence, and Liberty, to Chick-Fil-A and even Outback. Did I sense some doubt about UGA beating Auburn this weekend?

Most people are still confused about bowls though, and they forget that the bowl selection for SEC-tie-ins is largely based on final SEC record and SEC ranking. If Georgia beats Kentucky, we'll be the 2nd ranked team in the SEC East, and at worst, the 5th ranked overall. That smells like Outback.

I still think my bowl predictions have been pretty good for the past 2 weeks with no change. I predicted Ole Miss beating Tennessee (even though it was very popular for most people to pick UT in that one), I picked Arkansas beating South Carolina, and of course I picked Georgia to beat Auburn. In fact, the only things I'm not positive about wouldn't really change Georgia's bowl position. For instance, I hope I'm wrong that we lose to Tech, but if we beat them, then the Outback is pretty much a lock. Also, I'm starting to think South Carolina will lose to Clemson, Ole Miss might beat LSU, and Tennessee could lose to Kentucky. But like I said, none of that would affect Georgia's position in my predictions. I stand by what I said before: Assuming Georgia at least beats Kentucky, we'll find ourselves in the Outback, with a chance of dropping to the Chick-Fil-A (which I wouldn't mind).

I don't know why everyone was so pessimistic before. They must have been scared of Auburn (and I'll admit, I was scared of them too when we were down 0-14). But look! The bowl picture looks a lot brighter now, doesn't it?

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