Sep 3, 2009

Extremely Last Minute 2009 Predictions

This past week I've been considering making a full schedule prediction for at least every SEC team, and maybe all of the big-6 conferences. Then, I realized that this task would be extremely difficult, and honestly, I didn't want to have to predict UGA's losses. I'm too superstitious for that.

So I've decided, as we only have a little over 30 minutes to go until South Carolina kicks off against North Carolina State, that I would post some very generalized predictions at the last minute. Why? Because if I somehow am miraculously correct on some of these, it will have been published on the interwebs and I will have proof of my clairvoyant abilities.

Note: Some of my predictions seem very biased, unclear, or downright stupid, but hey, I'm only typing what I can magically forsee from the future.

Here are my extremely generalized and extremely last-minute predictions for the 2009 season of college football:

SEC Predictions:
-Georgia will not lose more than 2 games in the regular season.

-Florida, on the other hand, will lose at least 2 regular season games.

-Kentucky will surprise in the SEC East, finishing either 3rd or 4th in the east standings.

-Likewise, Auburn will surprise in the SEC West, and perhaps even be a contender for the SEC West title.

-Tennessee will upset one BIG team. (hopefully not Georgia)

Other Predictions:
-Georgia Tech will lose at least 4 regular season games.

-Only 2 teams from the current preseason top 10 AP Poll will play in BCS games.

-Colt McCoy will win the Heisman, thanks to ESPN's help, but most fans will be upset that a non-QB candidate that emerges this year does not win.

-No BCS-busters this year. In other words, no non-BCS conference teams will go undefeated and appear in a BCS bowl game.

-USC will not win the PAC-10. It will be either Cal or Oregon.

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