Sep 28, 2009

My Thoughts After UGA vs. ASU

1. Put AJ Green in on every crucial opposing field goal attempt.

2. Want to see Bacarri Rambo play more, on defense, special teams, etc.

3. Don't overuse the fullback dive. Seems to lose its effectiveness after using it a couple of times.

4. Speaking of fullbacks, let's get some better communication between fullback blockers and Boykin on kick returns. If Boykin can catch it, let him catch it.

5. If Logan Gray comes in, let him do something other than a QB read where he gets stuffed at the line. Maybe an outside option with King or Thomas would be better?

6. Stop tossing the ball to Samuel. It scares me. Plus, doesn't he seem like more of an I-formation, plain handoff, run up the middle type of back? Why do we send him to the outside so much? Let King do that.

Example of what Samuel should do:

7. If all else fails, send AJ Green down the sideline and lob the ball down there for him.

8. Maybe put some pressure on punts for once, especially when the opposing team is punting from deep in their own territory/their own endzone. It would be nice to actually try to block one at a crucial time.

9. Teach offense how to tackle in case of pick-sixes.

10. Play rap/hip-hop on the loudspeaker whenever we need a pick-me-up.

Ok, that about does it.

By the way, that was maybe the worst crowd I've ever seen at Sanford Stadium. I've never seen it so empty, even for games against lower division opponents. Plus, the yellow and blue ponchos everywhere really messed up the usual sea of Red and Black. They need to hand out red and black ponchos at the gates or something. The student section beside the band, however, was packed an hour and a half before kickoff and was rocking in the rain with the players when they came out. Whoever that was on the radio show after the game who scolded the student section for not filling up, shame on you. Sure, the endzone student section was pitiful, but the areas by the band were the only fully packed sections of the stadium.

1 comment:

  1. The rap music for the game was horrible. Swag surfin was the only good song played to get the players and crowd hyped up. Why in the world would we play Rihanna or Kevin Rudolf? Let's go back to the 2007 Auburn blackout game when Soulja Boy's "crank that" was played and EVERYONE was dancing, even Gary Daniels and Verne Lundquist in the CBS booth.

    Hip hop/Rap song suggestions for next home game:

    1) Turn my swag on - Soulja Boy
    2) Swag Surfin - Fly (Fast Life Yungstaz)
    3) Wasted - Gucci Mane
    4) Put on - Young Jeezy