Sep 20, 2009

ESPN Gameday going to the wrong game next week

It looks like ESPN's College Gameday program is headed to #5 Penn State for their "revenge" matchup against an unranked Iowa. Keep in mind that Iowa had two miracle field goal blocks to beat Northern Iowa 17-16 in their first game this season. This will be a very... exciting.... gameday.

Interestingly, #9 Miami will be playing at #11 Virginia Tech the very same day... also on ABC.

Also, notice that #21 Georgia's game versus Arizona State, while not a marquee matchup, is one of the best non-conference games of the weekend. But it'll be stuck on ESPN U, while ABC will have Iowa at #5 Penn State, unranked Notre Dame at unranked Purdue on ESPN, and unranked Texas Tech at #17 Houston on ESPN 2 that evening. Amazing.

ESPN is really dropping the ball with their scheduling and Gameday location decision right now.

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