Aug 31, 2009

What I Want to See in 2009

So game week has officially begun, so I thought it would be a good time for everyone to list out the things they want to see happen during this college football season. The obvious things (Georgia going undefeated and winning national championship, all of our biggest rivals failing in Michigan-like fashion) shall not be mentioned in the list because we all know what they are. Unless you really feel so inclined....

Here's my list of what I want to see happen in the world of college football, 2009 edition:

#1. I want a BCS controversy. They really never get old. Even if we never have a playoff, at least it's fun watching the events unfold when some "undeserving team" slips into the BCS bowls and mops up the big boys, or someone "deserving" gets left out of the national championship game. Last season was pretty good for this. We had Texas being left out and proving their national championship deservedness by barely beating an often overrated Ohio State in a game that was a snooze-fest until the last few minutes. We had a Utah team that no one really cared about dismantling Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and most of college football fans/media pretending like it never happened (see: Alabama, ranked #6 preseason).

The only thing about #1 that needs to be said: Please don't let Georgia get "left out" of the national championship again (2007 controversy), and let's all hope if we make it to a BCS bowl we don't face a "BCS-buster" which sets up another lose-lose situation like Hawaii in the Sugarbowl. (Remember now? Pre-Sugar Bowl: "Hawaii is undefeated and will destroy overrated Georgia!" Post-Sugar Bowl: "Georgia thinks they're so good because they beat a crappy, non-BCS Hawaii team! Haha!")

#2. I want to see Tennessee beat Florida in the Swamp. Why? Because it would be hilarious. NO ONE thinks Tennessee can even put up a fight in this game (except for maybe some Tennessee fans), and most fans/media have laughed all off-season about how badly Lane Kiffin's team will get embarrassed by Heavenly Tebow and Corch Meyers. Just imagine how crazy everyone would go if Tennessee actually came into Gainesville and dethroned the Gators?

The only thing about #2 that needs to be said: I hate Tennessee. I really do. But at the moment, the only program I hate more is the Florida Gators. Tennessee had a ridiculously bad season last year, and Florida has 2 national championships in the past 3 seasons. I think we can rejoice for UT to win one big one this season (and then lose the rest).

That was a lie, there's one other thing to be said about #2: Yes, Tennessee beating Florida would take the Cocktail Party down a notch this year, and if Georgia won, it wouldn't be as big of a win. But I don't care. Florida's had their fun. Nothing would embarrass them more than losing to Kiffin at home.

#3. I want to see lowly teams surprise and do well... and top teams fail horribly as a result. This will inevitably happen every year, but it never gets old. Upsets are what makes college football so fun to watch. Tennessee beating Florida would fit in perfectly with this point, but #3 is a little more general. I want to see more "Appalachian State's vs. Michigan's," more stories like Texas Tech in 2008. Even Bama's story would have been interesting if they hadn't beaten us at home. I want to see the teams that everyone is predicting to win it all, lose it all. I want to see Washington win a game, just because they didn't in 2008. And I want to see them win it against a big team.

#4. I want to see the Heisman race return to what it should be: rewarding the best player this season, and not the players that have won it in the past or that the media loves. No one is that excited to see who will win between Tebow (won it in 07), Bradford (won it in 08), an McCoy (almost won it in 08), other than Florida, Oklahoma, or Texas fans. They were the exact same three guys in New York for the ceremony in 2008. Why would we want to see that again? We want to see less-hyped players step up and surprise this season, and be rewarded in return.

#5. I want to see an important game played.... in the snow. Just because that's fun. Even better, I want to see that snowy game in..... Sanford Stadium.

So tell me, what do you want to see this season?


  1. #1 Richard Samuel shut the naysayers up, hold onto the ball, and run over people (notably Florida's secondary).

  2. #1 is almost a surety, but I think I like your #2 the best. To tell you the truth, I hadn't even thought of it as a possibility. But that would be effin' hysterical.

    For mine I'll only add that I'd love to see Rennie knock the snot out of Teblow. Unfortunately I realize that's not gonna know, since Tennessee is gonna maim him pretty good when they win in the swamp.

    : )