Sep 27, 2009

The Polls Are Out of Control

Take a look at them yourself.

I'm astonished at how bad these rankings look. After all of the "one play away from beating Georgia and being undefeated" talk from ESPN Thursday night, South Carolina didn't crack either the AP or Coaches' polls. Did they not beat a top-5 team? Ole Miss dropped a TON, to #21 in the AP and #18 in Coaches', so clearly the media and coaches felt like they were severely overrated and it wasn't a fluke loss. So why were they ranked so high to begin with? And why not at least reward South Carolina for pulling off a win over their overrated opponent?

We saw a similar situation with Oregon, who demolished #6 California yesterday. Cal also dropped like a rock in the rankings (#24 in AP), but Oregon? They're rewarded a #25 spot in the coaches' poll for their performance. They are, however, ranked #16 in the AP.

In other news, Penn State somehow remains above Iowa in the Coaches' Poll, Boise State cracks the top 5 despite playing no one (except for a currently unranked/#5 Oregon), and LSU somehow is allowed to reach #4 in both polls while most are yawning unimpressed.

So what's going on? Is this year just a year of amazing parity in college football where no team looks particularly outstanding? Or have the media and voters just screwed up so badly with the pre-season rankings that everything is a mess that is still waiting to be worked out?

(PS: Georgia moved up to #18 in the AP and #14 in the Coaches'. It's nice to see us back near where we started.)

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