Sep 27, 2009

ESPN Gameday going to FSU at BC

That's right. Boston College will be the wonderful location for an action-packed ESPN College Gameday next weekend as they host Florida State.

I understand that it's all business, and ESPN's trying to spread things out. They don't want to do our game for two reasons: we're on CBS, and they probably want LSU to beat us so they can go to Baton Rouge next week for their game against Florida. Their other choices all died on them yesterday as Cal was destroyed by Oregon and Miami was also crushed by Virginia Tech.

Due to recent bad memories, I don't really want Gameday in Athens right now anyway. But FSU at BC? Wouldn't it have been better for them to just go to the USC vs. Cal game, or even Miami vs. Oklahoma?

This season is getting more and more ridiculous.

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