Aug 13, 2009

Georgia's 2009 Offense: #6 in the country?

Well, it is according to . (College Football News) released their 2009 unit rankings yesterday, and they're showing a lot of respect for Georgia. In their ranking of the best offenses this season, Georgia appears at #6, despite losing two stars who were taken in the first round of the NFL draft. They rank Oklahoma State as their #1 offense, followed by Oklahoma, USC, Florida, and Texas.

In their list of top defensive units, Georgia is #10. Not a bad ranking either, but Pitt and Iowa find themselves above Georgia on Scout's defensive list.

Other rankings of note:
Quarterbacks: UGA is #48
Running Backs: UGA is #7 (Georgia Tech is #1)
Receivers: UGA is #31
Offensive Line: UGA is #2
Defensive Line: UGA is #26
Linebackers: UGA is #6
Secondaries: UGA is #29
Special Teams: UGA is #25

Go check out CFN's 2009 College Football Preview to see explanations on all of their rankings and other interesting features.

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