Aug 10, 2009

Where will ESPN Gameday be in 2009?

Most Georgia fans have bad memories of ESPN's College Gameday show being in Athens. Very recent, bad memories. But will Gameday be returning to UGA in 2009? I don't know. But I looked at all of the college football games on Saturdays this fall and what networks/time slots the games are scheduled to be on (so far) to make some educated guesses for where Gameday will be.

Before I begin, let's note that Gameday really likes to cover games that will appear on ESPN or ABC (for obvious reasons). Also, the primetime ESPN/ABC games tend to also be the big, Gameday games. So let's begin.


Week 1 will be Virginia Tech-Alabama in Atlanta. We know this one.

Week 2 will almost certainly be USC at Ohio State which is already set for 8 PM on ESPN.

Week 3 is very busy. Some good games on ESPN/ABC networks, such as Nebraska at Virginia Tech, Georgia at Arkansas, West Virginia at Auburn, and Texas Tech at Texas is the ABC primetime game. However, with all of the Florida love and Kiffin controversy, ESPN may just take the Tennessee at Florida game even though it's on CBS in the afternoon.

Week 4 is up in the air, but a primetime ABC game is likely Iowa at Penn State. Revenge storyline and everything could make that a target. Cal at Oregon is there too. But there are open slots for ABC/ESPN in the afternoon, including possibly Arizona State at Georgia. If both of our teams are undefeated at that point, it's a very possible candidate for Gameday (whether you like it or not).

Week 5 has LSU at Georgia (but it's on CBS) and USC at California is already in the primetime ABC slot. But there are slots available and Oklahoma at Miami looks like a big, non-conference game that will likely get picked.

Week 6 has UF at LSU in the primetime CBS slot, so it's unlikely to be Gameday. Other big games that day, including Georgia at Tennessee, but I'm betting it could be Georgia Tech at Florida State.

Week 7 is almost surely going to be Oklahoma-Texas. Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech is a possibility.

Week 8 doesn't have many good looking games.... Tennessee at Alabama is ok, but it's on CBS. It'll likely be between a revenge special of Oregon State at USC or Auburn at LSU (if both of those teams are doing well).

Week 9 has the Cocktail Party, but CBS means, once again, probably no Gameday in Jacksonville. USC at Oregon is already slotted for primetime ESPN/ABC. Texas at Oklahoma State could maybe get it, though.

Week 10 has USC at Arizona State already as a primetime ESPN/ABC, but unless ASU is surprisingly great next year, I doubt it will be Gameday. LSU at Alabama is scheduled for CBS. Ohio State at Penn State looks like a good choice, but Oklahoma at Nebraska could be big too.

Week 11 has a couple of good SEC games, but both are on CBS (Auburn at Georgia and Florida at South Carolina). There aren't many other games that stick out that day, but there is Tennessee at Ole Miss or Texas Tech at Oklahoma State.

Week 12 has Ohio State at Michigan, which will probably get it. Kansas at Texas and Oklahoma at Texas Tech are there too. Penn State at Michigan State is also a possibility.

Week 13 is rivalry week, so there's plenty to choose from. FSU at Florida is CBS. Alabama at Auburn is CBS. Georgia at Georgia Tech could be it, but I would think Oklahoma State at Oklahoma would be a tempting pick for them. It all depends on how the season has gone.


It looks like our biggest chance for Gameday in Athens this year would be Arizona State. ASU will almost surely have no losses, because they play Iowa State and Louisiana-Monroe before us. If we have beaten Oklahoma State, South Carolina, and Arkansas, we'll surely be in the top 10. But ASU, with their two wins, would probably not be ranked at all, so that mostly shatters our chance at Gameday anyway. California at Oregon or Iowa at Penn State will probably take Gameday that week.

I found all of the games and their time slots/networks from this site, which is a MUST HAVE resource for any college football fan. Keep in mind, though, that every game listed on there is 1 hour behind eastern time.


  1. Great article. It's sad to potentially not have gameday but that's fine with me. If we do well this year everything will work itself out.

  2. Re: Week 5.

    Miami could very possibly 0-3 at that point.

  3. That's true. If Miami loses 2 or 3 games before week 5, we can figure that Gameday will be headed to California for USC at Cal.