Aug 3, 2009

ESPN asks which 40 teams should be the new Div. 1A

I don't really know the point of this ESPN poll, but it's interesting nonetheless.

So far 11,411 people have voted on the 40 teams that they think should be a new, hypothetical Division 1A for football.

After you choose 40 teams and vote you can see the results.

Florida is the most voted team with 80.4% votes, but UGA comes in 2nd with 80.3%. That's some respect right there.

Alabama is third, then Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, Penn State, USC, Florida State, Michigan, Miami, Virginia Tech, Tennessee, and Notre Dame.

More things to note:

Georgia Tech is the 22nd most voted team with 60.8%.
The last team to make the "Top 40" is Oregon State with 37.3%
Vanderbilt is the lowest-voted SEC team with 6.4%

EDIT (4:04 PM): Looks like the Tech fans found the poll and started their computer poll rigging. Georgia's dropped to #12. Still, it's an interesting experiment from ESPN. Apparently tomorrow some of ESPN's College Football guys will be "drafting" their top 40 teams for the simulation. So keep an eye on that.

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