Mar 28, 2009

In Honor of The Dark Knight: Demarcus Dobbs

The Georgia Bulldogs are already being plagued by injuries again, this time even earlier in the off-season. The Bulldogs Blog reports that DE Demarcus Dobbs broke a bone in his foot on Thursday, will require surgery, and will unfortunately miss the rest of spring practice.

This is bad news for us, considering the defensive end position is already very thin. Also, in my opinion, Dobbs is the defensive hero we need.

Demarcus Dobbs is often overlooked after his moments of glory pass by. Last season, all eyes were on the stars of the team, who all deservedly attracted attention with big plays and athletic skill. Dobbs, however, had big moments too. In my opinion, they were some of the biggest moments of the season.

In the Central Michigan game, the second game of the year, Georgia was up 21 to 0. The game clearly going well, but CMU was nearing the endzone at the end of the first half. That is when this happened:

That was one of the most fun moments I've ever experienced in Sanford Stadium. As Dobbs was making his way down the field, we were cheering and screaming at the top of our lungs, trying to somehow help him get to the endzone. After the score, the crowd was going wild. I don't know if you'll ever see a stadium get that loud and have that much fun when the game is such a clear blowout. Why? Because it wasn't about the score of the game at that point, it was just about a great play that Dobbs made and how the crowd reacted to it. The speakers started playing the "I Put On" song, everyone was dancing on the sidelines and in the stands, and a great time was had by all.

Unfortunately, every game of the season wasn't that fun. Bad things happened when Alabama came to town, when the Dawgs visited Jacksonville for the yearly "party." Then came the game at Kentucky. After a very rough game, the Bulldogs were up 42-38 with only a little time left. Kentucky started to make their way down the field for a final attempt to come back and win it. They came up short, but defensive penalties helped them keep moving. This game was looking VERY BAD as Kentucky was getting closer to the endzone; all they needed was a touchdown to win it, and they were in our redzone.

Demarcus Dobbs single-handedly (literally) sealed the victory for Georgia that day, as he went up with one hand to bring down the interception. (seen at 1:15 in the video above)

This play wasn't as fun (considering plenty of Georgia fans like myself were holding our breaths and about to pass out on that last drive), but it was HUGE nevertheless. Without Dobbs going up there and getting that ball, Georgia may have not reached the 10 win mark last season, something that we all take pride in.

A while ago on some of the online message boards I mentioned how it bothered me that everyone called Tim Tebow "Superman." For that matter, the media loves to compare almost any great sports player "Superman," as if it's a compliment. In my opinion, Superman is one of the worst superheros, with the leggings, terrible disguise (taking off glasses), and boring alter-ego.

I then decided that if we had a hero on our Georgia Bulldogs football team, it would be a hero for the people. Someone who, despite being often overlooked and underestimated, would continue to patrol the shadows of the football field, waiting for the moment that an evildoer throws the ball up for grabs, and then leaps up and takes it, bringing justice and excitement to the people of Sanford Stadium city.

By day, this hero would be Demarcus Dobbs. But at night (gamedays), this hero would become.... The Dark Knight.

In all seriousness, I (along with the Bulldog Nation) want to wish Demarcus Dobbs a quick and easy recovery, and we look forward to seeing him this fall, getting it done for the team and the school. Thanks for being a great Dawg Demarcus, and get well soon.

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