Mar 23, 2009

Famous Dawgs: Episode 3: Revenge of the Dawg

It's time to continue the Famous Dawgs series.

Today I'd like to bring you the third Famous Dawg: Alton Brown


Alton Brown is one of the best, if not the best food personality on television. If you watch Food Network, you've probably seen him before. His show Good Eats has been on Food Network since 1999, and it has been on the air ever since. The show truly makes cooking fun and surprisingly educational, as Brown always explores the historical and scientific aspects of the dish he's preparing. There are always plenty of humorous moments as well. Brown also has been the commentator on Iron Chef America, co-hosted The Next Iron Chef, and has another show called Feasting on Asphalt.


Well, this one is easy. According to Wikipedia, Alton Brown attended undergraduate school at the University of Georgia and received a degree in drama. Interestingly, he started out working in cinematography and was director of photography for an R.E.M music video. Then he decided to make a good cooking show, became an expert in culinary arts, and now has multiple shows on Food Network. Apparently he also lives in Marietta, Georgia. Here he is in a Georgia Magazine article, which says that he actually delivered pizzas while at UGA. Oh yeah, and he also won a prestigious Peabody Award. This is a salute to Alton Brown, a Famous Dawg who is representing UGA well.

Here's a short clip of his show Good Eats.

And the one below is his appearance on Letterman.


  1. Another famous dawg is Ryan Seacrest. I had always heard the rumor that he had attended UGA but could never get a concrete answer. I then heard him on Star94 one morning on the way to school and called in. It ended up being a recording of him, but I talked to the DJ and he said Ryan was coming in later and that he'd ask him and email me..this is what he said: Ok here's the deal with Ryan. He DID go to UGA. Not for long though. He didnt finish, because during the first year ESPN offered him his 1st gig.

  2. Good job keeping posts continuous during off-season...that's something I can't say I do. Just wanted to let you know I linked you.

    btw, I see Alton Brown all the time at the Harry's down the street from me near the Big Chicken...or as the locals call it, Pollo Grande!

  3. L. Farkas:

    Thanks for the comment. I've heard about Seacrest going to UGA before, but that's some interesting inside information. Maybe he'll be a "Famous Dawg" post on here soon.


    So far there's been plenty of crazy stuff this off-season to keep things interesting. I'm a little worried about summer, though. Thanks for the link, I added yours too.

    Next time you see Alton Brown, give him a "Go Dawgs!" and a high five for me.

  4. I like Dave. It's Dave's show; he can do these things. Alton has his own show. When Dave comes to Alton's show, Alton will give Dave a hard time. That's how TV personalities work. Amanda Vanderpool