Apr 1, 2009

Famous Dawgs: Episode 4

Today's Famous Dawg: Newman (also known as Wayne Knight)


Wayne Knight is best known for playing the role of Newman on the long running NBC show Seinfeld. According to Wikipedia, Newman is "an overweight and despicable, though curiously well-educated, postal worker" who "goes out of his way to make Jerry's life miserable." Although for the past decade we've only been able to watch repeats of Seinfeld in syndication, most everyone remembers who Newman is when you mention him. He is also well known for being Dennis Nedry, the only non-dinosaur bad guy, in the 1993 instant classic Jurassic Park. Knight has appeared in many other television shows (such as 3rd Rock from the Sun) and films (Cheaper by the Dozen). Finally, if you somehow don't recognize the face in the picture above, you'd probably recognize the voice, as Knight has performed as a voice actor in a multitude of animated projects, including cartoon shows on Nickolodeon and the Disney Channel, as well as animated films like Toy Story 2. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot: he was in Space Jam too. This guy probably has the best film resume in the world. Seriously.


Basically, once you see how awesome Wayne Knight is, you have to realize that he's a Bulldog. A UGA bulldog, that is. His bio on IMDB says that Knight was born in Cartersville, Georgia in 1955. He was an honor student as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, but left just shy of graduating to pursue a career in theater. Just imagine, without this former UGA student, the world wouldn't be the same. (I have to go ahead and let it be known that Wayne Knight is my favorite Famous Dawg, and I'm proud to say that Newman/Dennis Nedry attended our school)

Here are some great video clips of Knight.

First, a good Newman clip from the golden days of Seinfeld.

Next, a fantastic tribute in song to Dennis Nedry of Jurassic Park. (NOTE: If you don't remember the movie well, you might be confused and disturbed after watching this.)


  1. I'm with you on that, Newman was great, and a Dawg too.

  2. Wow, Newman couldn't have been more right! Amanda Vanderpool