Mar 18, 2009

LOST Update: It's official, Hurley wears Bulldog Jacket

Just wanted to make a quick update on an earlier post I made about promo pictures for this week's episode of "Lost" featuring the character Hurley (played by Jorge Garcia) wearing a UGA sweatshirt with a bulldog face on it. Jorge let me know earlier that the sweatshirt was in fact part of wardrobe for the show.

If you are a "Lost" fan and watched the show tonight, you might have noticed that he did wear the hooded sweatshirt, after Sawyer (played by former UGA student Josh Holloway) asked where his bulldog sweatshirt was! I'm guessing it was Holloway's idea to have the UGA representation on the show, but I could be wrong. Either way, Jorge Garcia playing Hurley has honored the Bulldog Nation by wearing such apparel on a worldwide hit television series.

By the way, here's a link to Jorge's blog, which is always a fun read.


  1. When I heard Sawyer ask where his sweatshirt with the bulldog on it, I thought to myself, how cool would it be if it was a Georgia Bulldawg...and sure was! so cool!! I love when the bulldawg nation gets some lovin!

  2. BUT what about the fact that during the speech on the beach, Lapidus advised the crash survivors to HUNKER DOWN and wait for someone to find them...

    go dawgs!

  3. Wow Steve, I didn't even notice that. Too bad Sun didn't step on Ben's face with a hobnail boot rather than hit him with an oar.

  4. Little known fact - one of the musicians from an 80's Athens band, maybe Pylon, maybe not, lives in Athens but flies over to Hawaii for months at a time working as a set designer on the Lost TV show.

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