Mar 21, 2009

Georgia Kicker Update, and ESPN's Joe Cox Interview

First of all, the Bulldog's Blog does an excellent job (as always) getting some great quotes from players and coaches at practice. But there's one on there that makes me a little uncomfortable. David Hale reminds us about how Coach Richt vowed to go to Poland to find someone who could kick the ball out of the endzone, and then it appears that no one was found for kickoffs at all. Since Blair Walsh is understandably still the kickoff specialist, he's asked about what the plans are for kickoffs next season:

“I don’t know yet,” Walsh said. “We haven’t really done anything yet. I don’t know what their philosophy is, I don’t know what the coaches are doing or thinking about.”

Well, that's comforting.

Let me get this straight: I believe in Walsh. Yes, he had some bad luck last year on some of those field goals, but in the Capital One Bowl, he made a pretty good one to prove that he's still the guy. And on kickoffs, there were some very confusing and terrifying things that happened. In fact, most people assumed that Walsh could have kicked it out of the endzone on every kick if he was told to, but that the coaches wanted more shorter, directional kicks instead. I seem to remember Coach Richt saying at one point that this wasn't true, and that they would love to make it a touchback every time, but don't quote me on that. But we still believe in Walsh.

I'll just take this for now as, "Spring practice just started, maybe they just aren't getting to the kickoff troubles yet." Admittedly, yes, there are some more looming problems to look at.

In other news, ESPN's Chris Low posted a good interview with Joe Cox yesterday. He sounds like he's a great leader and teammate, which is very exciting, and the Bulldog Nation is rooting for him.

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