Mar 7, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Hurley from "Lost" is a Dawg

For those UGA fans out there who watch ABC's hit show "Lost," I have something interesting for you.

hurley_lost.jpg (280 KB)

Now I can't be sure if this photo is shopped or not because I'm not an expert. But with my complete lack of expertise and photo analysis skills, I say this is real.

We already know that Sawyer (dude in brown on the left) attended UGA for a while, so now it appears we have two Georgia fans on the show.

Nothing makes me prouder than having the southerner conman and the 300 pound hairy guy representing UGA.

Check back later for updates on this breaking news.



  1. i can tell you it's not shopped. That was wardrobe. But I can't tell you anything else.

  2. Thanks for the info Jorge! It's pretty exciting to see you comment on here. If that was wardrobe, does that mean it will be making an appearance on the show? If you can't tell me, that's alright, but if we'll be seeing it on "Lost" that would be really great.

    Sorry if I made you out to be a UGA fan for just wearing the jacket, but you wear it well!

    By the way, I hope Josh Holloway is still a Georgia fan, as he did go to school there for a while. I actually grew up in the same county as him too.

    Again, thanks for the comment! You do great work on the show.

  3. Did they use that logo in the 1970s? I thought it was newer than that.

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