Jul 27, 2010

UGA at #25 in Rivals Rankings

Rivals.com has a good pre-season analysis of Georgia on their site, and they rank the Dawgs as the #25 team going into 2010. I think it's a very fair summary of the current team and what we can expect this year. They predict that a realistic final record would be 9-4, assuming Murray is good and the defense adjusts well. But I'm sure most would agree that if Murray shines and the defense comes out playing the hard-hitting, disciplined football that fans are hoping for from Todd Grantham's scheme, the Dawgs could win 10+ games.

1 comment:

  1. I think 10-2 is a very real possibility. Murray will be ok and I expect the defense to improve as the year goes on. I could see a loss to SC or ARK but if we make it pass that, then the sky is the limit.