Jul 16, 2010

Georgia Returning MOST Receiving Yards in 2010

Yeah, it isn't a great headline, but it's still significant. First, a quick recap of recent years in Bulldog history.

2004-2005: Georgia loses its two top receivers Reggie Brown and Fred Gibson, 58.5% of total receiving yards.

2005-2006: UGA says goodbye to leading receiver, tight end Leonard Pope, as well as WR Bryan McClendon. This means they lose 36.8% of receiving yards, and 38.5% of receiving touchdowns.

2006-2007: TE Martrez Milner leaves Georgia, along with WR Mario Raley. Georgia loses 22.4% of receiving yards, 41.7% of scoring.

2007-2008: Top WR Sean Bailey and WR Mikey Henderson are lost, totaling 36.9% of receiving yards, 45% of scoring.

2008-2009: Georgia loses Mohamed Massaquoi, Knowshon Moreno, and Demiko Goodman. This means they lose a whopping 45.3% of receiving yards.

2009-2010: UGA will lose only Michael Moore (and Vernon Spellman), and their 9.7% of receiving yards, 20.8% of receiving touchdowns.

So clearly, this trend isn't nearly as indicative of Georgia success in the past few years as the rushing statistics were. Going into the 2005 SEC Championship season, Georgia lost over HALF of receiving experience. Still, UGA did find success in the 2007 season after losing only a small amount of receiving yards and TDs.

It certainly doesn't hurt, though, that Georgia returns more receiving (and rushing) experience this year than it has for many years. In fact, based on returning numbers, UGA may have a more experienced and "good on paper" offense (minus the QB) in 2010 than it's had in a very, very long time.

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