Jul 6, 2010

Steps to Being a Tech Fan: A Study of Forum Posts

"But I thought we ran this state..."

If you ever get bored of reading Georgia-related material online, just find your nearest Georgia Tech message board for... even more Georgia-related material!

Today I have four message board threads for you that I found over the weekend that can illustrate the important steps in the normal progression of being a Tech fan.

The first step to being a Tech fan: confusion and onsetting inferiority. Below we have a topic where Tech fans simply cannot understand why such a crappy school (UGA) is considered by so many to be the leading institution in the state. Clearly, Tech is a better school! Right? Right guys?....

The second step is misplaced anger and childish behavior. These threads pop up ALL THE TIME. Tech fans often tend to see UGA merchandise sold at local stores (considering UGA is the largest and most supported college in the state). Then Tech fans assume two things:

#1. This clearly means the entire company is full of nothing but UGA supporters and they want to destroy everything good and decent in the world (my view of my school and myself).

#2. If I act in a childish manner about this, I will succeed and win the battle. (Often, a Tech fan will make up stories and lie about their exploits in order to gain admiration and reputation from other Tech fans.)

The third step is grasping for ammunition, or information that a Tech fan finds valuable to prove, once and for all, that Tech is the superior institution of higher learning, and that Georgia is worthless, even in athletics, due to its barbarian intelligence.

And the final step is realization of inferiority. Not many Tech fans are brave enough to make it to this step, and many will refuse to acknowledge it. But we found a rare glimpse into the final step here.

Research into this exciting new field is ongoing, and more steps may be revealed later.

Note: This post is intended for humor and not meant to offend Tech fans any more than the offense of my existence as a stupid redneck UGA fan.

P.S.: If Tech fans don't like Cracker Barrel, I'm fine with that. You keep the nasty Waffle House, and I'll keep delicious Cracker Barrel.

P.S.#2: And yes, that was meant to offend Waffle House. Please clean up your "restaurants".


  1. My family is filled with techies on my mom's side and Bama fans on my dad's side. I can't believe they let me even go to UGA. It is hard to decide which group of fans is more arrogant. As far as this metastudy goes, I think you may be on to something.

  2. You definitely nailed it.