Jul 19, 2010

Mark Richt "gets excited on the inside sometimes"

One of the few times in history Mark Richt got outwardly "excited".

ESPN decided to make their "Blue Ribbon Preview" of the 2010 Georgia team free to public viewing, and while it really doesn't give any information most Dawg fans don't already know, it does offer up this nice quote from Mark Richt:

"[Grantham] is intense, there's no doubt," Richt said. "And that's what you want -- a guy that's got some fire. Everybody knows my demeanor & and I think it's probably good to have somebody who's a little more outwardly excited. I do get excited on the inside sometimes."

Good quote.

And no, I have no idea why ESPN chose to use the ampersand "&" instead of just typing the word "and" in that quote.


  1. one possibility is that the quote was given to them from richt in an email? and richt used the &?

    but espn are a bunch of morons. wouldn't put anything past em

  2. they actually used the ampersand and the word 'and'...