Jul 13, 2010

Finebaum: Mark Richt and the Invisible Hot-Seat

Oh joy. Another article from the ever-wise Paul Finebaum about Mark Richt and the invisible hot-seat on which he resides.

Exactly two months ago Finebaum made a similar post, and I responded on this blog with a long, drawn-out rant about how wrong he was. This time, I'll try to keep things short.

Finebaum asserts this time that Mark Richt, who apparently is already on the "hot-seat" for Georgia's terrible and horrifying 8-5 season, is in even more trouble now because he'll be having a new boss as Athletic Director.

But as I asked last time: Who decides if a coach is in trouble? Who chooses when the mythical "hot-seat" is placed under their rear-ends with a raising temperature?

The answer to that is easy. The fans decide. And if the fans are content, then the coach is safe.

Of course, Georgia fans in general are not happy about last season's results. But if you can find me a large contingent of Bulldog Faithful who are actively calling for the firing of Mark Richt, or even the consideration of such an action in the near future, then I will spend the rest of my days spreading the gospel of Finebaum.

But even Finebaum seems to agree that Georgia fans are still happy with Richt as their coach.

From his article:

"At first, one can bet the new athletic director will echo the Bulldog Nation, which starts every lame defense of Richt with a recital of his overall record: 90-27 and two SEC titles."

What? So he thinks the Bulldog Nation adamantly defends Mark Richt as their coach, yet at the same time he's "on the hot-seat?" Does that make any sense at all?

So I can only come to this conclusion: Paul Finebaum decides when a coach is on the hot-seat.

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  1. I foresee the day DAWG Fans will flood the F-BOMB show with calls about Richt's UGA team beating the mighty tide in the SEC Championship Game & force the most powerful columnist in the great state of Alabama to eat crow. He is nothing more than a rebel rouser trying to bump up interest in his program (RADIO) with Barnhardt/Moore like shock stories to put down the competition to the benefit of his program (BAMA). The best part of his show are the comedic callers and swollen egos of UA & AU fans. Even on XM the show is only relevant to Alabamistan and thats not saying much!