Feb 22, 2010

More Percentage Stats: The SEC East in 2010

Production percentage losses in the SEC East for 2010 (listed from least losses to most):

1. South Carolina
Passing: Return QB
Rushing: 6.7% yards, 0% scoring
Receiving: 17% yards, 16.7% scoring
Tackles: 25.4%
Sacks: 46%
INT: 33.3%

2. Vanderbilt
Passing: Return QB
Rushing: 10.3% yards, 0% scoring
Receiving: 7.4% yards, 0% scoring
Tackles: 37.3%
Sacks: 52.5%
INT: 41.7%

3. Kentucky
Passing: Return QB
Rushing: 16.4% yards, 15.4% scoring
Receiving: 8.8% yards, 23% scoring
Tackles: 42.3%
Sacks: 36.6%
INT: 68.7%

4. Georgia
Passing: Lose 1-year starting QB
Rushing: 0%
Receiving: 9% of yards, 20% of scoring
Tackles: 47%
Sacks: 46%
INT: 40%

5. Tennessee
Passing: 95.2% yards, 96.4% scoring (losing 2-year starting QB)
Rushing: 65.8% yards, 68.4% scoring
Receiving: 21.8% yards, 14.3% scoring
Tackles: 43.3%
Sacks: 47.5%
INT: 50%

6. Florida
Passing: Lose 3-year starting QB (and Greatest of All Time)
Rushing: 33% of total yards, 46% of scoring
Receiving: 73% of yards, 64% of scoring
Tackles: 48%
Sacks: 68%
INT: 60%

My first thoughts after putting this data together:
1. It really is true that 2010 will be South Carolina's best chance to win the East.
2. Kentucky might actually be in position to finish second or third in the East.
3. Vandy returns a lot, but for them, that's a bad thing.
4. Georgia was hit pretty hard on defense, but overall, things don't look too bad.
5. Florida and Tennessee lost a TON. If Georgia is going to beat both of these teams in the same year, this might be the year to do it. Sure, new freshmen and recruits could be very good, but it's not easy to throw a bunch of new talent on the field and expect to win the division.
6. How crazy would it be if the SEC East standings end up looking like this list? On one hand, it would be very, very funny. On the other, it would be very, very sad.

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