Jan 13, 2010

Kiffingate 2010 - Watch the videos

This is fun stuff.

First, the local news report.

Sometime after the announcement of Kiffin's departure, a riot/stampede started on UT's campus. A Tennessee basketball player updated frequently what was happening from his twitter. According to several reports, "protesters" ran down a main street on campus, chased after Lane Kiffin's car, and assembled by Neyland Stadium, some trying to climb the fences and get into the complex.

Here's some apparent footage of the "rioting."

Oh, and some of the "protesters" lit a mattress on fire and proceeded to chant "it's great to be a Tennessee Vol" while holding up "We hate Lane Kiffin" signs. Seriously.

I like how their chant just slowly dies down. I imagine these guys finished their little pow-wow and walked slowly and silently back to their dorms to go to sleep. Except for the guy whose mattress is on fire in the street.

I'm trying to decide whether we'd see this same stuff happening at UGA's campus if we were in a similar situation. Maybe it's just a Big Orange thing.


  1. Reality hurts. Tennessee is a stepping stone job...Amanda Vanderpool

  2. Lane Kiffin trolled UT better than Urban Meyer. virtual assistant