Jan 13, 2010

Kiffingate 2010 - The drama continues (more videos)

First, here's the first part of the Kiffingate story with some entertaining videos.

Second, here are some more videos.

Raw footage of Lane Kiffin's quick press conference to announce his fleeing from Tennessee.

This one looks like it was taken toward the end of the "rioting" on campus. Be warned of some foul language aimed toward Kiffin in the video.

And some more glimpses into hillbilly culture as we watch these people sing "Rocky Top" while lighting stuff on fire to commemorate Lane Kiffin's wonderful season at UT.


  1. This guy is a coward, but atleast he gave a farewell speech. Checkout Amanda

  2. I guess you guys didn't see the burning mattresses and the torn down street signs. Oh I guess you guys also didn't see what they painted on the rock. Injury and Illness prevention manual