Apr 24, 2009

NCAA Football 2010 Covers REVEALED

If you haven't seen already, EA Sports has released the official covers for NCAA Football 2010.

The athletes on each cover are:

X-Box 360: Michael Crabtree (WR) Texas Tech
Playstation 3: Brian Johnson (QB) Utah
Playstation 2: Brian Orakpo (DE) Texas
PSP: Mark Sanchez (QB) USC

The choice of Sanchez is a little confusing, considering he only started at USC for one full season, culminating in a Rose Bowl win (which is pretty commonplace for USC). Matthew Stafford was the starter for the Georgia Bulldogs in 3 straight seasons, leading his team to 3 bowl wins including a Sugar Bowl victory, racking up 7,731 yards and 51 touchdowns along the way. Oh yeah, and Knowshon Moreno as a 2 year starter racked up a total of 2,736 yards and 30 TDs, with 1,400 all purpose yards and 16 TDs in 2008. Just saying.

Nevertheless, trying to start lobbying EA Sports in order to get your favorite player on the cover of any of the NCAA Football 2011 games would be a worthless effort. It's almost certain that NCAA 2011 will have Tim Tebow on all 4 covers. Then, they'll release a new game, called NCAA Missionary 2011 in which Tim Tebow will have a 99 rating in every category, yet somehow exceed a perfect rating in the "Circumcision" feature of the game.


  1. I would have thought they would have put the Knowshon Hurdle on at least one cover. Its been on TV enough to merit it.

    How much do you get paid for being on the cover or do you get paid at all?

    They probably made this decision a while ago but I would think Sanchez now playing in New York is more marketable than Stafford who was almost guaranteed to be a Detroit Lion for the past 3-4 months. Plus, it hurt that Georgia lost the three biggest games of the season while Sanchez had two very public big wins against Ohio State at the beginning and Penn State at the end.

    Why the Utah QB is on there instead of Stafford is a complete mystery. I know who Brian Orakpo is but do other people? Michael Crabtree makes perfect sense.

  2. i think that they should put aj green #8 for uga on the front cover. he is a true sophmore and was starting wide reciever as a freshman over a senior. he will be a first round draft pick to the nfl. and he also came from a small town summerville,sc everyone has heard of him !

  3. Tebow is the obvious pick for all 4 covers.

  4. NCAA Football 11 is out now. I get my rosters from GameRosters.com. Where are you getting yours?

  5. NCAA Football 11 is out now. I get my rosters from GameRosters.com. Where are you getting yours?