Aug 6, 2010

UGA #21 in first USA Today Coaches' Poll

See the poll HERE.

This, in my opinion, is a good spot for the Dawgs. I expected anything between 20-25, and somehow we landed in the higher end of that. For an 8-5 team with a new QB, it seems like a reasonable ranking.

But some of the other choices are a little... questionable.

-Florida at #3? I understand they have been dominant the past two years, but they lost a TON on both sides of the ball.
-Oklahoma at #8? An 8-5 team at #8? I'm not sure if an 8-5 team has ever appeared in the preseason top 10.
-Arkansas at #19: Could they be very good? Yes. Do they deserve it now? No. Why are they getting it? Because the media loves Ryan Mallett.

Otherwise, not a completely terrible poll. I'm going to try to have the 2010 version of the Unbiased Preseason Poll up Monday to compare.

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