Aug 17, 2010

Some Interesting Links for a Tuesday...

First, Ivan Maisel of ESPN wrote a piece yesterday on his top 20 Heisman candidates for 2010. I understand that QBs and RBs are the most likely Heisman winners, so it's no surprise that they make up almost the whole list. But Maisel includes two wide receivers, Julio Jones at #18 and Notre Dame's Michael Floyd at #19, but.... no mention of A.J. Green. How exactly does Jones make the list with only 596 yards and 4 touchdowns last season, but Green doesn't? I'm hoping Maisel just overlooked this, but I have a feeling that isn't the case. I can understand leaving Green off the list... but only if there are no other receivers included.

Second, take a look at this ESPN writeup. You may notice that it compares Mark Richt and Les Miles, perhaps implying that both coaches (not just Miles) are on the "hot seat." Interesting. But then notice the author on the ESPN page. Yes, that is Andrea Adelson, the same writer from the Orlando Sentinel who infamously ranked UGA #64 in her preseason rankings released in July (the page credits the rankings to Jeremy Fowler, but in the comments below you can see Adelson confess that she compiled them). Apparently her outrageous rankings warranted a promotion.

(Here's a link to see more of those ridiculous Orlando Sentinel rankings. Apparently, UGA will not be as good as Army (#44), Temple (#45), or Ohio (#50). But the rest of the rankings are even worse.)


  1. I really want someone in Bristol to tell me what the crap Georgia ever did to those people. I'm sorry, but there have been too many articles, commercials, ridiculous comments & instances of flat out underestimation to suggest there isn't a bias at the WWL. I don't get it. Sigh.

  2. Well when you have Mark May, Lou Holtz, and a bevy of UF alums (Palmer, Berlin, Andrews, the new sideline girl, Adelson) in your ear all day, I can see how you might ... just might... have a somewhat tainted perspective.

  3. Maybe Maisel thinks Aaron Murray won't throw enough to A.J. to warrant the types of numbers which would justify a Heisman. Otherwise, I'm surprised at the omission because Maisel is usually pretty solid.