May 7, 2010

The New UGA Football Dictionary is Underway (My Definitions)

I saw via a link from David Hale that via the blog and idea of Senator Blutarsky, many people are compiling a huge list of terms for college football fans.

I'll take a moment to publicly submit some of my own entries to this project.

  • Bay-Bay (v.) - 1. to drop a ball. 2. to make an uncharacteristic mistake at the most important moment leading to an embarrassing complete failure. "I studied all night, but somehow I still Bay-Bayed on that final."
  • Adversity (n.) - something you constantly face or struggle against (usually a lot), but it is impossible to be specified. "We faced a lot of adversity this year, but we kept working hard."
  • Gradulate (v.) - 1. to formally express your joy or acknowledgement of something in a federal building and/or public forum. 2. see congratulate. "I want to gradulate the Florida Gator."
  • Bad Deal (n.) - a past occurrence that humiliated and angers you. It will forever be in the mind of you and your football team (or just you). You'll handle it, and it's going to be a big deal.
  • (To) Get a Ring/s (v.) - a phrase used often sarcastically to mock an over-the-top excitement over an achievement. "Wow, you've been playing that video game for a month and you finally beat it? Are you going to get a ring or something?"
  • Straight Outta Crompton (adj.) - describes any unexpected or uncharacteristically magnificent performance. "Woah! Vanderbilt just beat Florida? That's straight outta Crompton!"
  • Quarterback (n.) - the position in football responsible for passing or handing off the football, and sometimes fair-catching punts. "This looks like a great punt to return! We should definitely put a quarterback in there to fair-catch it. That will really catch them off guard."
  • Walsh (v.) - to have the ability to do something well (such as kickoff into the end zone) but choosing not to do it to your full potential (for any reasons, but possibly for being told not to). "I can beat-box really well, but we're in a library so I'm just Walshing it right now."
  • Black helmet (n.) - a bad idea, something that sounds fun but will likely end in sorrow.
  • Penn Wagers (n.) - a person who ruins the fun, often at inappropriate times. "That guy who told us to sit down while cheering at the Georgia game was a total Penn Wagers."

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