May 4, 2010

Logan Gray Videos to Ease Your Off-season Boredom

So Logan-gate 2010 appears to still be going on, as we have yet to hear officially whether Gray will return for the Bulldogs this season or transfer.

If you're bored with no Georgia football news to get you through the lull of the off-season, then here are some original videos of Logan Gray throughout the spring. As you know, I had the supreme honor of doing videos for David Hale of the esteemed Bulldogs Blog this spring, and these are some of the classics involving everyone's favorite QB/fair-catching specialist.

(NOTE: Some of the videos don't feature Gray until the end.)


  1. Is this a joke?
    Georgia will be better off without him. Good kid, not a good quarterback.

  2. Maybe your a joke thinking you know what's best for the program

  3. Shave that silly baseball beard, Logan. amanda vanderpool model