Apr 12, 2010

One More Quick Look at the QBs

Here are the QB stats, based on which team they played on at G-Day:


Logan Gray
On Red team:
6 series
7/13 for 102 yards, 1 TD

On Black team:
2 series
3/4 for 30 yards

Aaron Murray
On Red Team:
3 series
8/19 for 96 yards, 1 INT

On Black Team:
2 series
2/3 for 0 net yards

Zach Mettenberger
On Red Team:
0 series

On Black Team:
5 series
6/10 for 150 yards, 2 TD


Most everyone has noticed by now that Mettenberger didn't play a single snap with the Red team (first team offense, against the first team defense).

My first thought is, why didn't Mett get any time with the Red? Although you can take a lot from watching them play with anyone, we never got to see Mettenberger play against the #1 defense, nor did we see much of Murray against the #2 defense. Murray only attempted 3 passes while on the Black team, and only saw 2 short drives.

Also, notice that the #2 offense (Black team) generally seemed to have more success than the Red's, maybe because of going against the #2 defense. Ealey on the Red team had seven carries for only 22 yards, while Thomas and Jackson on the Black team had a combined 84 yards.

This sort of makes you wonder why the coaches did this with the QBs, and if Mettenberger has been mostly with the #2 offense (against the #2 defense) through all of the scrimmages, not just G-Day. Is that a sign that he hasn't been performing as well, and they're rewarding Gray and Murray by letting them play more with the 1's? Or it just happened that way and they didn't even notice? (doubtful)

In other words, there's a lot going on behind the scenes that we might not know about.

I'm wondering if a lot of fans are going to be surprised when the coaches release the temporary depth chart later this week or next.

(Other note: Watching the TV recording of the game, I noticed that Murray's receivers dropped at least four passes that hit their hands (2 of which looked like possible touchdown passes on his last drive). From what I saw, Gray and Mettenberger each had one legitimate drop from their receivers.

Those who were so disappointed in Murray's performance might feel a little better if he ended up 12/19 for about 130 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT for the Red Team. That's about where his stats would have been if everything had gone better for him.


  1. Red Team = First Team Offense

    Black Team = First Team Defense

  2. Mettenberger played on the black team. Therefore, Mettenberger played with the 2nd team offense against the 2nd team defense.

  3. Seems you noticed my typo in the first line under the stats. Thanks. Fixed it.