Apr 18, 2010

Mettenberger Dismissed: Was this already coming?

I'm sure everyone will know about this before they come upon this meager blog post.

This gets me thinking, though.


Is it possible that this was already a possibility last week, maybe even before G-Day, and could have been a factor in the decision to play Mettenberger with only the Black Team and to get no snaps with the first team offense? Maybe the unreleased incident that led to this was already known?

It's extremely unlikely, and I doubt Coach Richt would hold something like that off until later, but there was something fishy about G-Day and the QB rotation. I hate to stir the pot on a situation that's still completely unknown, but I can't help but wonder.

UPDATE (5:57 p.m.): The AJC is reporting that Georgia Associate Athletics Director Claude Felton stated that "there was not a new incident involving Zach."

UPDATE (8:20 p.m.): I've thought about this a little more, and I'm starting to believe my own theory. Mettenberger's play with only the Black Team at G-Day was shrugged off as "part of the plan," but think about it this way:
Logan Gray played with the Red Team (first team offense) for the entire first half.
Aaron Murray played with the Red Team for the entire second half.
Zach Mettenberger played with only the Black team, on and off throughout the game.

Doesn't that seem maybe how you might divide the snaps in a spring game if you had two QBs competing, and a third on the outside who isn't really in the race?

I'm not saying he was going to be dismissed from the team before G-Day. I just think it seems like the coaches might have known something was up before, which would also explain Coach Richt's constant use of the term "minimum one game suspension" for Mettenberger's punishment. And since we now know that there was no new incident other than the one that brought his suspension, it's very possible that they've been struggling to determine what to do with the situation.

If you're facepalming right now in extreme depression over the news, here's some perspective. Remember, before G-Day, everyone was certain Murray would be the starter. One spring game later, and everyone decided that things were different. Let's hope that most people who assumed from the spring game were wrong.

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