Mar 5, 2010

The SEC Picture (with losses) and Spring Practice Video

First of all, I've had the pleasure of doing some videos for the award-winning David Hale's Bulldogs Blog, and up today is a video of yesterday's first spring practice. Check it out along with the vast quantities of great info and analysis that you're used to from his blog.

Second, I realized that it might be worth it to look at the whole SEC picture using the percentage statistics I've been posting about. So first, here's a look at the SEC East, ranked from who loses the least to who loses the most (based on losing starting quarterbacks and percentage of rushing yards/scoring, receiving yards/scoring, tackles, sacks and interceptions).

SEC East
1. South Carolina
2. Vanderbilt
3. Kentucky
4. Georgia
5. Tennessee
6. Florida

SEC West
1. Arkansas
2. Mississippi State
3. Auburn
4. Alabama
5. LSU
6. Ole Miss

Overall SEC
1. South Carolina
2. Vanderbilt
3. Kentucky
4. Arkansas
5. Georgia
6. Mississippi State
7. Tennessee
8. Auburn
9. Alabama
10. LSU
11. Florida
12. Ole Miss

Then, keep in mind that four SEC teams have never won their division in the conference: Kentucky, Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt. Imagining that there's a glass ceiling in the SEC for these four unfortunate teams leads us to form this list:

1. Arkansas
2. Georgia
3. Miss. State
4. Tennessee
5. Auburn
6. Alabama
7. LSU
8. Florida

Of course, this is only looking purely at what these teams are losing from 2009-2010, and differences in coaching and talent at each school will also play an enormous part in who finishes where. But judging by the numbers, Georgia looks to be in a great spot going into the 2010 season.

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