Mar 4, 2010

Percentage Losses: Pre-Spring Award Winners

So I finished compiling my statistics to use for the "2010 New and Vastly Improved Unbiased Preseason Poll" (name is subject to change), and while I may wait until later (post-spring perhaps) to get into the really interesting stuff, I figured I'll go ahead and give out some awards for teams that lose the least (and most) in certain categories. First, I'll start with the awards for teams that lose the least going into 2010.

Biggest Winner Awards

Rushing: This is a tie between Georgia, Nebraska, Air Force, Iowa and Boise State, all of which lose a shocking 0% of their rushing yards and rushing scoring. If returning players are vastly important to future success, these teams should have well-established rushing attacks in 2010.
Honorable Mention: Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Ohio State and Wisconsin. All lose less than 2% of rushing yards.

Receiving: Boise State -they lose 2% of yards, 5% of scoring.
Honorable Mention: Virginia Tech (4.7% yards)
SEC Winner: Vanderbilt (7.4% yards, 0% scoring)

Defense: Once again ladies and gentlemen, Boise State. The Broncos lose only 4% of tackles, 4% of sacks, and 12% of interceptions. Things are looking good for the smurf-turf horses.
Honorable Mention: Oregon, but the gap is big between them and Boise. Oregon loses 19.7% of tackles, 12.5% sacks and 14.3% interceptions.

Biggest Loser Awards

Passing: This award is given to the team that loses a quarterback who has started for most years, and who had the highest QB rating in 2009. The calculated value comes out to being a tie between Florida (Tim Tebow), Central Michigan (Dan LeFevour) and BYU (Max Hall).

Rushing: Oklahoma State -the Cowboys lose 74.8% of rushing yards and 90.9% of scoring.
SEC Loser: Mississippi State, followed by Tennessee and LSU. The Big Orange loses 68.4% of yards.

Receiving: Florida - the Gators lose 73% of receiving yards and 64% of scoring, largely thanks to the departure of WR Riley Cooper and TE Aaron Hernandez.
Honorable Mention: Clemson (69% yards, 65.2% scoring) and Georgia Tech (65% yards, 72.7% scoring).

Defense: Alabama - the 2009 National Champs lose a whopping 62% tackles, 64% sacks, and 62% interceptions.

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