Oct 13, 2009

Maybe we should try this running thing...

Here's the stats for the SEC right now.

You'll notice that Vanderbilt is 2nd in the SEC in defending the pass, but 11th in rushing defense. Georgia, meanwhile, is 3rd in passing offense but 12th (!!!!) in rushing offense, averaging only 97.2 yards per game on the ground. Wow.

So... would it be a good idea to think about putting Gray in there and focusing on some more running plays? If he can pass at all, it certainly would be nice to have more options in the running game. Options, reads, etc. Can we do that please? It might be a spark to our rushing, using him along with Thomas, Ealey, Samuel, King (if he's back).

No?... oh... so... more shotgun handoffs from Cox to Samuel? More quick passes to the fullback for 2 yards? Yeah.... alright. We'll do that instead. Whatever gives us the best chance to win, right?


  1. Saturday can't get here fast enough for the Bulldog Nation. This thing is getting ready to blow!

  2. FIRE MARK RICHT!!!!!!!!!!