Oct 10, 2009

Here we go, post-game thoughts after Tennessee

Ok, some post-game analysis.

Let's start with the easy part. The defense sucks. I have trouble believing that our players are just that bad, and that doesn't really explain why Crompton had wide open receivers on pretty much every pass he threw. So our zone coverage clearly wasn't working too well. That would (of course) be the coach's fault. We'll see what happens there.

And the offense? Once again, I know we have tons of talent. Probably the weakest part of the offense today was at quarterback, and Cox has been off and on through this short season (but mostly off). Our O-line looked pretty bad on run blocking once more, but I think some of that has to do with how we're trying to run, which is a playcalling issue.

So here's some of my thoughts on the offense.

1. Why have we completely changed to being a primarily shotgun offense? What happened to our I-formation, pro-style, power running game that we have always used? I feel like part of the problem with our rushing attack is that we run single-back shotgun handoffs for almost every running play, and honestly, it isn't working very well.

2. If we're going to pass a lot, why don't we pass for 1st downs? Seems like almost every passing play is less than 10 yards. And why do we not use our best receiver in history more often. The longest passing play of the day was a 21 yard pass to AJ Green at the end of the 1st half. In the 2nd half, Green only had 3 receptions, and I don't think he was thrown to much more than that. Also, all of those passes were short (longest was for 5 yards). Why did we not air it out down the sidelines to Green or anyone for that matter? Why was our passing game so conservative and short?

I just don't understand what we have to lose by throwing deep to AJ when we're desperate. Why not even try it?

3. Cox did not look sharp, made more really bad decisions (especially the INT he lobbed toward the sideline). However, I didn't think Logan Gray looked very good either in his limited time (except for his nice run). I'm assuming Murray is out of the question due to his earlier injury, so a redshirt is pretty certain.

4. Why did we give up so fast? What were the coaches thinking toward the end of the game when they chose to put Gray in at QB and run the ball almost every play? Did they just want to get the game over with? Doesn't seem like the best message to give to the team.

Overall, this team just feels like they've given up. The players, the coaches, everyone. Mark Richt continues to shrug off all of the problems that appear obvious to most fans, and nothing has seemed to change from the first game of the season until now. Where are the adjustments? Are we just going to let things keep getting worse and worse until serious changes have to be made?

I have this strange feeling that Coach Richt (and maybe the whole team) has been asleep and just doesn't even see how bad things are looking. Here's to hoping that he wakes up soon.

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