Jul 8, 2009

Football Jersey update and VOTE on ESPN

First, a quick update on some old questions. Back in February I started this blog with a post in which I asked whose jersey will be the new best seller in the UGA bookstore (or any stores in general). I stopped by the on campus store the other day and aside from #7 and #24 jerseys being on sale, I noticed some #8s and #35s as well. So it looks like AJ Green and Rennie Curran's jerseys are already being featured in the store. I looked on the UGA Bookstore website and those jerseys aren't listed online, but I swear I saw them there. I think they had them in red and in black.

Oh, and the bookstore is also carrying Stafford's new Detroit jersey and Moreno's Broncos wear.

In other news, ESPN is doing their "50 States Tour," and they are devoting each episode to a different state's college football programs. They discuss the greatest coaches, players, and teams in each state's history. Well, Georgia's day is coming up in a couple of weeks (July 27), and they already have the polls online to vote for the best in Georgia.

So go vote and try to stop the Techies from making it look like Tech is the best program in the state.

Click here to vote.

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