Feb 13, 2009

Of Blog Starts and Jerseys

Well, here is the brand new, likely to be a disaster Dancing in the Endzone blog debut. I find myself spending way too much time making long, analytical reports to post on Georgia football message boards, only to find my posts become thread killers and disappear into the archival wastes. Now, with this blog, I can waste my time putting those posts somewhere I can keep track of, and hopefully, people will come on here to comment and discuss some in depth Georgia topics. So please do leave some words in the comments section. Other than that, I don't know what else to say other than welcome....

But let's just jump right into the good stuff.

The other day, I found myself walking into the UGA Bookstore (on campus) to buy some staples for a mini stapler. Interestingly enough, little tiny boxes of staples can be found in the very back of the store, which is about a mile walk. But that's not the point.

The point it, I noticed all of the old #7 and #24 jerseys gathering dust on the racks. I couldn't help but wonder, "When are they going to take these old ones out and put some new ones in?" But then I thought, "Wait... which jersey numbers are they going to replace them with?"

Will #14's show up in a few months, after our fearless new leader Joe Cox puts on a great performance at the G-Day Game? Maybe #8's seem like the most likely, considering AJ Green already has cemented himself in freshman phenom lore. Could #4 or #6 show up in the fall, depending on the playing time and what we see from Caleb King and backup QB Logan Gray? Or will some other number, that no one has noticed as much, become the new trend for the Bulldog Nation, as a new leader and Bulldog icon will rise forth before 93,000 cheering fans?

Interesting questions that only time will tell. I'm curious to see what others think.


  1. You would think they would add AJ Green's #8 last season. I heard some rumor that Green thought about changing to #1(the number he wore in HS) but then decided to let incoming freshmen Branden Smith have it.

  2. Interesting note, Bill. I think most would agree that Green's jersey will have to show up sooner or later.