Feb 28, 2009

Concluding on the last forbidden question

First off, I know it's been a while since I've posted on here. My last topic caused some fuss over at the Dawgpost on scout.com, and I guess I should have seen that coming. Aside from it being a very controversial topic that no one really wants to think about, it also had a couple of overlooked flaws. As some pointed out, if Georgia was to lose only one game next season, then it surely would not affect our winning of the SEC East if we lost to only one West team (because then, of course, we assume we'd win out in the SEC East, which would give us an automatic trip to the SEC Championship).

Therefore, perhaps Arkansas could... maybe be less devastating than a loss to OSU in the season opener. Or at least this is what some pointed out on the forums. Arkansas will be an away game, and relatively early in the season, which gives us a couple of the criteria I proposed before. Only problem is that Arkansas will likely be unranked when we play them, and it is an SEC game, but in hindsight and as explained before, that shouldn't matter. BUT, Oklahoma State will have a lot more eyes watching it, and a lot of hype going into it. Losing that game would surely have a greater stigma in the eyes of the media and fans than would a "fluke" loss to Arkansas (which would perhaps be seen as similar to UF's loss to Ole Miss last year, or USC losing at Oregon State).

Nevertheless, this is a pointless discussion. Of course we all want UGA to go undefeated, and we hope and expect to win every game.

I just thought it would be an interesting hypothetical question, but I still don't have a perfect answer. If you dare to explore such a disturbing, terrible question, which would you choose? A highly ranked Oklahoma State in the season opener on national television? Or an unranked Arkansas? Or some other?

Reply if you want, but as far as I'm concerned, no more posting on this topic. Moving onto new controversial things now.

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