May 1, 2011

Reason #738 Why Tech Sucks: The Case of the Missing Stafford

Clearly there isn't much to write about lately, so why not take a gander at what's going on in the wizarding world of Georgia Tech?

First, we have the big news about Tech's strong showing at the 2011 NFL draft.  The Buzzing Bees had one player drafted, RB Anthony Allen, in the 7th round (officially pick #255) by the Baltimore Ravens.  You would think that running back might be the only position not hampered by Head Wizard Johnson's triple option offense when it comes to time to join the pros, but I'm thinking that would be a wrong assumption.  Just look at ESPN's recap of the Raven's picks, including this one sentence summary of Georgia Tech's Allen: 

"Allen will need some development and coaching as a runner coming from the triple-option scheme at Georgia Tech."

Sounds to me like the triple-option is considered a liability, not just by the NFL, but by scouts and media like ESPN.

In other Tech news, you may have heard that Matt Stafford was throwing passes to Calvin Johnson and Chad Ochocinco the other day on Tech's fields.  Here's a story that mentions the event and includes a photo of the three NFL players together in the Bobby Dodd governmental assistance structure for the football challenged.

Photo credit: @ochocinco himself

But if you're like me and you love to check out Georgia Tech websites looking for things to laugh at, you may have also noticed a post on Tech's official blog page.  The headline of the post reads "Megatron and Ochocinco," the short paragraph is about how two of the best receivers in the NFL worked out on campus, and it then has a nice little photo of Calvin Johnson standing with Ochocinco in the Tech stadium. 

But wait a second... there's no mention of Stafford anywhere in the post, and that photo happens to be the same photo of the three players that can be seen on the site I linked previously... except with Stafford cropped out.

Photo credit: Conspicuous Cropping Done by

Really, Georgia Tech?  You're that offended by all things Georgia that you have to crop the 2009 #1 draft pick and starting Detroit QB from your photo AND the story?  

I assume this means any Tech fans who root for the Lions try to imagine that Stafford does not exist, and that whenever Calvin Johnson catches a ball, it was chucked miraculously into the air by a Tech-designed robot that probably looks like this.  Sure, it probably helps that Stafford has barely played in the past 2 years due to injury, but they still have to imagine it every once in a while.  

Keep on Ramblin', you wrecks.