Mar 11, 2011

Georgia Loses to Alabama, but it Isn't Over Yet

Because the fact of the matter is, no one knows where UGA is going to go.  I've heard plenty of prognosticators say that even with a loss to Alabama, Georgia should still be in the NCAA Tournament.  That may be so, and perhaps as long as there aren't any huge bubble busters coming in the next two days, UGA should be in.  

I find it most relaxing to just sit back, think positively, and wait to see what happens.  As a Georgia fan, the easiest route is to be angry over a very frustrating loss, throw your hands up, and scream about how, "Well now we've done it!  We're going to the NIT!  And we deserve it with how we played!"  But a frustrating loss doesn't change that Georgia has a very good résumé, won the "must win" game against Auburn, and gave up a big lead to lose in overtime against the Tide.  

I have no idea what the committee will do and how things will shake out, but I'm not going to worry too much about it.  Before Thursday's game against Auburn, the general consensus I heard was, "Georgia really needs to win this game to feel good about the NCAA tournament, but if they lose, they still have a decent shot."  Then after handily taking care of Auburn, I heard about the Alabama game, "Georgia really needs to win this game to feel good about the NCAA tournament, but if they lose, they should still have a good shot to get in."  Which tells me that it's all up in the air, and we'll see how it shakes out.  That's all we can do.


  1. Does it really matter? After getting humiliated today in yet another staggering collapse, why on earth would we want to repeat that on a national stage?

    @ThinkingBulldog said it best: "No thinking #dawgs fan could possibly want to watch this team get a bid and be plastered by some 5 or 6 seed that knows how to finish games."

  2. It matters to me, Ally. Honestly, with the recent lull of Georgia basketball, I would consider this season a success in year 2 of Mark Fox if we can earn a NCAAT bid. Even if it means losing in the first round, I still would feel pretty good about making the tournament, because it shows drastic improvement from years past.

    Plus, I look at it this way: would I rather us lose in the first round of the NCAAT, or lose (or even win 1 game) in the NIT? I would at least like to see our guys have the chance to play in the big one.