Sep 12, 2010


So many have pointed out by now that it looks like Aaron Murray was being controlled too much by the coaches yesterday.  After he went all scramble-crazy and took over the offense last week against Louisiana-Lafayette, Mark Richt and Mike Bobo likely gave him a friendly reminder that he needs to stop being a hero and protect himself.  After all, that was Coach Richt's mantra during the pre-season.  The idea has been to keep the offense simple and ease Murray into the gameplan.  Judging by last week's game, Murray doesn't want to play it that way.  He wants to run at it headfirst.  

Richt acknowledged the leash on Murray after the game yesterday:

“Even in the second half we were inclined to just call whatever the heck we thought we needed to call. I think early on you’re trying to, let’s make sure we can run the ball, be his best friend, all that kind of stuff. And call things that maybe don’t’ take an awful lot of thinking as far as progressions and that kind of thing. And try to get him off on a good note. But he’s handled everything very well and I think he’s prepared to just run the system as we have it.”

This offense will continue to struggle if Aaron Murray remains caged and treated like any normal freshman quarterback.  But he isn't a normal freshman QB, as we've seen from his play.  He has the potential to be great, starting now.  It is time... to do what must be done.  It is time.... to....


  1. this kid has what it takes, he has the winners mentality and richt doesn't. Murray wants to win and he was held out too long. I sure hope coach richt knows the damage he has already caused. I can take a loss but not the way we did saturday. if there was passion and we lost down to the wire and had something to look foward to then things would be different. I'm tired of having my heart broke time and time again. its like having the chick that you like a lot and she dumps you and doesn't even care, doesn't cry, doesn't show any emotion. thats how i feel about mark richt right now. Makes me want to slap a ho. show some passion, some balls, balls to the walls.

  2. Drew, I feel your pain.

    Not the "balls to the walls" part though, but I can tell that's your catchphrase, so that's cool with me.