Oct 20, 2010

The Beard Prohibition Has Ended!

Although it's slightly old news by now, I just saw today's AJC article about how facial hair is now allowed on the football team, as long as they continue to win the turnover battle.

Funny to see this article now, since it's been a year and a half since I posted a blogpost on here about Coach Richt banning facial hair in spring 2009.

According to the article, apparently the beard allowance was the same last year (but secretive), because the team had almost the worst turnover ratio in the country, so the men remained boys.  Maybe the manliness and strength that only a beard can portray is needed on this team to finish out the season strong.  

Oh, and Aaron Murray's quote in the article does sound pretty bad, but you know he was just joking.  Tim Tucker could have thrown in "Murray said, smiling" or something like that for the kid, but instead left him to be berated for his understandable desire to receive good gifts from mommy on his birthday.

Oct 9, 2010

Biggest Win For Dawgs (Point-wise) Since...

Just looking at some past scores from Georgia's schedule over the years, and found some interesting stats that I haven't seen anyone mention.

UGA's win over Tennessee today (41-14) by 27 points was their biggest win over any SEC team (or any Big Six Conference team at all) since the 2007 win by 28 over Ole Miss (W 45-17).

Even more interesting fact: Georgia hasn't beaten Tennessee that badly since 2003, when the Dawgs beat the Vols in Knoxville by... 27.  The score?  41 to 14.

Dawgs Win?.... Really?

And a good win indeed.  I don't care how much Tennessee sucks, but any day Georgia beats Tennessee, it's a very good day.  Also, need I remind you that LSU needed a miracle to beat this UT, and Florida and soon to be #2 Oregon struggled early with the Vols?  Yeah, well Georgia went up 17-0 pretty quickly, and didn't look back.

This Georgia team has the ability, and that's what's been infuriating about this season.  I strongly believe that play-calling and very unfortunate fumbles were responsible for the 4 game losing streak Georgia endured.  Otherwise this could be a very different looking season.  

I realize many Dawg fans out there have been so ticked off that they will cautiously celebrate this win, but still will proclaim that this team "sucks" or will be lucky to win any more games.  But I have to disagree.  We know this team should perform better.  And today's game was finally a performance that Georgia fans deserved.  

And honestly, I still think Georgia could win the rest of the games on this schedule (and Auburn is looking more and more like the biggest roadblock to that achievement).  But we can only get there if we do more of what we did today, and even better.  No more game-changing fumbles, and more smart play calling.  Smart play-calling is usually this: do what works best.